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Cancel Flow Run in Power Automate

There are several use cases in which it's required to cancel flow runs that are in progress. Cancel the Flow Run action is part of Power Automate Management. "If  a flow created to send an email to users based on the status and if due to any discrepancies  or glitch the data get entered incorrectly and due to this users will get multiple emails and their inbox will be flooded. In such cases cancellation of the running instance of flow is needed" .  This blog includes steps by which one can cancel the running instance of Power Automate Flow. How to cancel the running instance of the Power Automate Flow: To Cancel flow using the the Power Automate Management Connector, we need to follow the steps mentioned below: To stop the Power Automate flow, we will need the run ID of the flow. To get the run ID of the running instance, go to run history and click on the flow link.  From the URL section of the browser go to the and and copy the ID entered after the runs. Keep this