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Some common SPFX solution deployment errors like - Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already

In this article, we are going to learn about some common error we faced while developing and deploying the SPFx solution. There are several mistakes we make while working with the exsisting code, I will be sharing the solution to get rid from those errors. Error 1 : When you create a solution and run with the gulp everything seems fine but when you deploy the package to app catalog you see these errors : Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already   or  Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already. And having some correlation ID or  A solution with the same product ID already exists.  Please upload the file with the same name and replace the existing solution Solution:  This error stated that you are using the solution with same id which is already deployed at your app catalog. You can change the   Do the steps mentioned below: 1. Go to your solution, Under Config move to package-solution.json file and change the id. You need to replace the GUID,  GUID's can be created using

How to find app catalog site URL in SharePoint Online

SharePoint App Catalog is a special site collection that holds all custom solutions, apps. App catalog is used to deploy the custom solution like SPFx solution package or SharePoint add in app package or other solutions. But, when you have  large number of sites in your sharepoint environment and user do not know the url of  app catalog site then question will came in mind of user, How do I find the app catalog in sharepoint online , How do i get url of app catalog site in sharepoint  etc. We will provide you the ways to easily locate app catalog site in sharepoint online. Option 1: 1 Sign into Office 365   as a global or sharepoint admin. 2 Go to the apps and select Admin .  3 Now under the Admin Centers click on the SharePoint admin center . 4 In SharePoint admin center, go to the Active sites. 5 Now go to the right section where all the sites are listed and filter by template with " App Catalog Site ". 6 Once you apply the filter SharePoint App catalog site will get list