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"You can't add this app here" error in SharePoint

Once you add your app to app catalog and then you go to the site collection and you select the add an app option, and you search the app and you see the error message “You can't add this app here”.  You can't add this app here is the common issue users get while installing the SharePoint apps or SPFx packages.   This is a generalize message shown in various situations. You can check the reason on clicking "Find out why". Some of the causes and there solutions are listed below:  Cause 1 : Good news - you already have this on your site.   First Scenario : Meaning of this message is that app is already added on the site, go to the Site content and check that app is already exist or not, If exist and still you want to add it, uninstall the app and also remove it from the recycle bin and then you will be able to add this app. Second Scenario :  If you checked the site content and app is not installed, go to the recycle bin (also to admin recycle bin ) and if app is th

"Append Changes to Existing Text " in SharePoint document library

You want to add a multi line text field in document library, which allows to append changes to existing text. When you create a multi line of text field in library and there is no option available to do this. In this post you will also get answer for the question "Append Changes to Existing Text" option is missing in SharePoint document library. There is no option available for "Append Changes to Existing Text " in SharePoint document library but this option is available in the List. But, you can get the append able column in SharePoint document library by following the steps mentioned below: Create a site column: 1 Go the Site Settings and click on the " Site columns " under "Web Designer Galleries" . 2 Click on the Create . 3 Give the name to the field and select "Multiple lines of text" and " Append Changes to Existing Text " to  Yes.  Add site column to document library: 1 Go to the Library Settings and Click on the &qu