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Site Assets Library missing in SharePoint Online

 In SharePoint online when you create a communication site and you go to Site contents and search for  SiteAssets, you will not find  SiteAssets Library.  It will get created when you set a site logo or when you enable site feature. This article will answer your questions like  Site assets missing in sharepoint online? or Site assets library missing in communication sites? There is several options available to get the  SiteAssets  library.  To get the SiteAssets library back by this options: Option 1 : 1. Click on the gear icon and then Change the look option. 2. Then move to the Header section and set the Site Logo . Once you set the site logo.  SiteAssets  library will get created. Option 2 : By enabling the site collection features, we can achieve it. 1.  Go to your Site collection  and  click on “Site Information”.   2. Go to Site Settings   and  click on “ Site Collection Features ” under the Manage Site collection features. 3.  Then  “Activate” it by clicking button next to t