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Deploy option missing after adding SPFx Webpart package to site collection app catalog

In this blog, I am sharing the solution to the problem that many users are facing with the site collection level app catalog. Basically, the problems that users face with site collection level app catalog are as follows:   Uploaded SPFx app not deploying - unable to add to site.   App catalog deployment option is not showing.   Deploy option missing after uploading SPFx Webpart in app catalog.   App does not appear in site after deploying .sppkg to app catalog.   Pop up for to deploy the package is not coming on uploading the solution to app catalog.   I did not get the deploy popup when an package is uploaded to the site app catalog.   All the problems mentioned above seem tricky, but they are all not related to your code. These issues will arise if you do not take care of a few points while enabling the site collection level app catalog.   The solution is here:   If you have already enabled the app catalog site and you are facing these issues, just disable the