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How to update web part name, package name, solution name in SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

In this article, we are going to discuss some common things which we need to update in SharePoint Framework(SPFx) solution. How to chage the SharePoint Framework Solution name?? SharePoint solution name we set while creating the solution but some time we need to chang it. In order to change the SharePoint Framework solution name, we need to edit the package - solution.json file, change the name under the solution. It will change the name and new name will also appear on title in SharePoint appcatalog when you deploy the package. How to chage the SharePoint Framework package name?? If you want to change the name of sppkg package created using SPFx, you need to edit the package-solution.json file.   Upadate zippedpackage under the paths. Only the name after '/ ' should be updated. How to chage the webpart name in SharePoint Framework Solution?? You can change the name of your webpart from the webpart.manifest.json file present in the solution. Change the value of default in tit