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Essential Considerations: Preparing for a Smooth SharePoint Data Migration

I have recently completed a content migration within the same tenant, transferring data from one site to another. During this process, I encountered several challenges.  Based on my experience I created a checklist specifically for SharePoint content migration. Utilizing this checklist can assist in mitigating challenges and ensure a smoother migration process for you. Embarking on a SharePoint content migration journey? Make sure to explore the following points to ensure a seamless transition: Storage: When dealing with migration on SharePoint, it is crucial to verify the available storage space on the site. Insufficient storage can pose a problem during data movement, potentially causing SharePoint to transition into a read-only mode. It is essential to preemptively address and ensure adequate storage to avoid such issues during the data migration process. Policies: Examine the policies in place on the tenant. Organizations occasionally establish policies to protect data from actions