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Utilize the out of the box web parts and add social media feeds on modern pages SharePoint online

In this article, we are going to learn, how to add social media feeds. There are several web parts available out of the box to add social media on the modern page. Those web parts are quite useful in building the intranet. Add social media feeds to the SharePoint page. To add twitter feeds to on the page, follow the steps mentioned below: 1. Edit the page and click on the add icon for adding the web part. 2. Search for the twitter web part and add it. 3.  Now go to the web part properties and add the twitter handle you want to add.  You can also change the theme color and the numbers tweets to show on-page. 4. Once you done all the settings. Republish the page. You can embed Facebook public feeds on your site by following these steps:  First, we need to get embed code from  Facebook page plugin .  Now paste the Facebook page URL and set the height - width.          3.  Now click on the get code. Select IFrame and copy the code.             4.  Once you get the code, Login on your Share