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Provisioning list through SPFx solution

In this article, we are going to learn H ow to provision SharePoint  assets with SPFx  and  How to provision multiple instance of assets with SharePoint Framework Solution(SPFx) . SharePoint Framework tool chain allows us to package and deploy SharePoint items with SPFx solution. We can  also  provision multiple list instances with SharePoint Framework solution. Follow the steps mentioned below to provision list instance with the SharePoint framework solution: 1. Once you are ready with your SharePoint Framework solution. 2. Create folders for the SharePoint assets:      A.  Create folder with  " sharepoint"  name  to the root of the solution.        B. Create folder with "assets" name inside the " sharepoint " folder.    3.   To provision SharePoint assets to sites with SharePoint Framework(SPFx), we need to create the required xml files.       A.  Create a file  elements.xml  in  sharepoint\assets  folder in your solution.     B. Co