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Why to choose SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration tool which mainly used for document sharing, managing, controlling and storing them in its starting days. Sharepoint improving day by day and now its became very handy tools for the organization to work as a team. Organizations use the SharePoint as per their requirements. In Many ways, Organizations can use the SharePoint like: 1 Document Sharing and storage system. 2 It can be used as a collaboration tool. 3 As an Intranet system. SharePoint is very flexible and secure system. Its give the flexibility to develop custom solutions to fulfill the requirement. Reasons to choose SharePoint as an intranet system for your organizations. Flexibility :  SharePoint is very flexible and provide the functionality to develop and deploy custom solutions on SharePoint. one can also use the third party add-ins to fulfill their needs. Security: Sharepoint provides inbuilt security system which persists own permission levels. you can give permission t