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Some common SPFX solution deployment errors like - Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already

In this article, we are going to learn about some common error we faced while developing and deploying the SPFx solution. There are several mistakes we make while working with the exsisting code, I will be sharing the solution to get rid from those errors.

Error 1 :

When you create a solution and run with the gulp everything seems fine but when you deploy the package to app catalog you see these errors :

Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already



Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already. And having some correlation ID


A solution with the same product ID already exists.  Please upload the file with the same name and replace the existing solution


This error stated that you are using the solution with same id which is already deployed at your app catalog. You can change the   Do the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to your solution, Under Config move to package-solution.json file and change the id. You need to replace the guid and you can create new id  using online tools.

2  Now rebuild the solution and build the package again.

3  Upload the package to app catalog and it will work now.

Note : If you are provision list with the SPFx solution and you see this error in that case you also need to change the guid you provide for provisioning list.

Error 2 :

Some time you work with the SPFx solution and you deploy your solution at app catalog very frequently without updating the version and everything seems fine and suddenly, you see this issue at the page where you added the webpart. 

Something went wrong. If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details. And also contain Unable to load script https://teanant-name/sites/AppCatalog/ClientSideAssets/  in the error description.

Solution : 

1  Go to your solution, Under Config move to package-solution.json file.

2  Change the version of your solution.

3  Rebuild the solution and create new package.

4  Go to your appvcatalog site and delete the exsisiting package from app catalog and also from recycle bin.

5  Upload the latest package and it will work now.

Note: If you follow the steps mentioned above and issue still persist. In that case change the browser and follow same steps.

Error 3:  

When we deploy the sharepoint assets with SPFx solution, we create elements.xml and schema.xml and  if the the format of both the file is not correct we will get the error mentioned below:

Invalid SharePoint App package. Error: Unexpected XML declaration. The XML declaration must be the first node in the document, and no white space characters are allowed to appear before it. 


1 Go to the sharepoint folder in the solution and check the XML files you created.

2 Build the solution and create the package.

3 Deploy it again.

 You can check this blog : How to provision list with SPFx solution

Error 4: 

There were errors when validating the App manifest.: Xml Validation Exception: 'The 'Name' attribute is invalid - The value '-client-side-solution' is invalid according to its datatype


This error stated that the client side solution name is not correct. Client side solution name should not begin with the special character.

1  Go to your solution, Under Config move to package-solution.json file.

2  Change the name of client solution.

3  Rebuild and deploy tha package again.



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