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SharePoint URLs to navigate quickly.

At some point you want to navigate to other page on SharePoint but you forgot the navigation path, at that time these URLs are very helpful. You can navigate to particular page using these URLs without navigating through site. Change the tenant name and appropriate site URL and paste the it into address bar.
You can navigate in SharePoint without using site navigation butfor this you must have required permission otherwise you will get “Access denied”.
Some useful URLs for SharePoint Users.

1. URL For SharePoint Admin Center (For this SharePoint Admin Access is required):

To access the More feature page under the SharePoint Admin Center, use the URL mentioned below. You can access the User Profile, Search, Term and SharePoint classic features also.
To access the SharePoint admin center
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Add and edit user profile properties in SharePoint

You can manage the user profiles from the Office 365 admin center. if you want to create new user profile properties you can do it from user profile properties. you can update the user profile properties by accessing user profiles from the SharePoint admin center.(Admin level permission required to perform this)

1. Open Microsoft 365 admin center and navigate to SharePoint admin center. 

2. On SharePoint admin center , Click on More features

3. Now click on the open, under the User profiles section.
4. Now you are at manage profile page, Click on Manage User Properties
5. Click on New Property and it will redirect you to another page.
6.   In the Property Settings  section, In the Name box, type the name of property, this name is used        by services, In the Display Name box, type the name, this name will be displayed at user profiles to all users.
In the User Description section, In the Description box, type the description for property, this description will appear on the edit p…

How to register an app in SharePoint

In this article, we are going to learn how to register an app/add-in in SharePoint online. If you have created a Sharepoint provider-hosted add-in or other SharePoint solution and to access the SharePoint site or list using the app/add-in you need to register the add-in on SharePoint and to grant permission.

Register app in SharePoint

1. Login into SharePoint and Navigate to register an app page. Use the URL mentioned below: 

[Sitecollection URL]/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx

2.  Once you navigate to the Register app page, a form will open.

You need to fill all the fields on the form. Client Id and Client Secret generated when we click on the generate button available next to the fields.  Title: Name of the add-in which you want to give. App Domain: Where your domain is hosted, for the local environment you can place             "". Do not include HTTP or HTTPS in App Domain. Redirect URL:  Insert the redirect URL, for the local environment put https://localhost.c…

How to check user permissions for site using CSOM in SharePoint Online

In this article, we are going to learn, How to get the user permission on the site using csom or how to get the user permission programmatically, to get the permission of the user on a particular site we use GetUserEffectivePermissions() method in csom. In the SharePoint, user requires permission to perform any operation, when we work with provider-hosted add-ins and in some scenarios, we need to check the permission of user we use the GetUserEffectivePermissions() method and by passing the user name we get its effective permission on the site. 
In this example, We have created a console application to check whether the user have edit person or not on site. 
Pass the context of the site and email of the user into a method to check the permission of the user on the site. You must ensure users on the web before checking permission. 

using System;  
using System.Security;  
 using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;  
 namespace PracticeCsom  
class Program   {   static void Main(string[] args)   {   …

How to check permissions of user on sharepoint list using csom.

In this article, we are going to learn "How to check the permissions of user on SharePoint list using csom " or permissions of user using code. In provider-hosted SharePoint Add-ins, we use the csom code and to check the permission of the user on a particular list, once we get the effective permission of particular user on the SharePoint list and then by using that permission we can check the particular kind of permission like Addlistitem, Editelistitem, etc.

In this example, we have created a console application to check whether the user has edit permission on the list or not.
 Pass the client context, email of the user and list name on which you want to check the permission of the user.

using System;

using System.Security;

using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;

namespace PracticeCsom


    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)

           string siteUrl = "https://******/";
          using (ClientContext clientCon…

How to get the Sharepoint Field Internal name by display name using CSOM?

In this article we are going to learn  “how to get the sharepoint internal field name using the display name” of field.
To perform any operation on the field. First we need to get field collections, every SharePoint list have fields and we can get it as FieldCollection. By iterating the field collection we can get information about all the fields.
Call the method and pass the context , name of the list from which you want to get data and display name.

 GetInternalFieldName( ClientContext clientContext ,string listName, string fieldDisplayName){
       string fieldInternalName= " ";
       var web = clientContext.Web;
      List listEventSource = web.Lists.GetByTitle(listName);
      FieldCollection fields = listEventSource.Fields;
      IEnumerable<Field> fieldsColl = clientContext.LoadQuery(fields);
       foreach (Field f in fieldsColl)
      {            if (f.Title ==fieldDisplayName)            { …

How to create list from template in sharepoint

In this article, we are going to learn how to create a list from list template or using(.stp) file or we can say create list from existing list. Once you save the list as a template, It appears into List template option under the web designer gallery on site setting page.

Steps to create list from list template:

1 Move to the site setting section where you have saved the list template.

2. When you click on the List templates, you will redirect to the List template gallery and from the list template gallery.
3. Now click on the File in ribbon and click on the upload document.

4. Browse the location where your list template is downloaded. I am uploading the template of an address list.

5.  After browsing the template, now you can give the name what you want to give to the list template and click on save.

6. Now the list template file appears into the list template gallery. Now click on the gear  icon and click on the Add an app.
7. On clicking add an app, you will redirect to site cont…