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What is Domain Name?

Domain is the address of your site or we can say that it's the location of your website. We can also refer it as your website name. A domain name is address by which the internet users can reach to your website.

Internally systems use IP address to identify entities but IP addresses are the series of number which difficult to remember   and domain makes it easy. As compared to IP address its easier to remember domain , some of the famous Domains are "" , "", "" etc.

Domain can be combination of alphabet and numbers.Every domain is unique, if you have interest in using custom domain for your website or blog. You have to registered it first and after that you are free to use it anywhere.

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Interested in typing "Hindi" or any other languages using your smartphone or system?

If you want to type in many languages ​​and you are searching for a tool, your search ends here. Although there are many tools available to write in other languages, the simplest and best tool is Google input tools(Google Input Tools).

Why we choose Google Input Tools.
You can use this tool into online , offline an and also in on the go mode. Download it into your PC and you can use it offline also.It remember your correction and make custom dictionary for names and uncommon words you type. You can try this tool online. If you interested in checking this tool. Click here(Try)
You can get this tool in your android device. Click on the link On Android Device
For using this tool as extension for chrome browser click on the link and follow the steps mentioned there Google Input tool chrome extension . 
Tool is available for Android Device, Chrome, Google Services and windows.

Tez become Google Pay.

Tez become Google Pay, Google pay have all the functionalities which was exists in tez.
Google pay come with new exciting and user friendly features, which definitely impress the users, rewards and offers remains same like Tez.

Google pay offering some new exciting features, using it you can send money even if your contact is not on google pay.  Pay money using the Google pay now you can send money to those contact, who are not on Google play.Recharge your mobile using Google Pay.Pay near by, this is very impressive now you can send money to another google pay user without sharing private details like Bank account and contact number, same as handling cash.    Google Pay is available on the Google Play and App store. for more information you can visit ""

The Google Doodle...

Everyday when we open browser is and type and page is open, we see that Google logo is appearing very attractive and showing some message, question arise in our mind
1 what is this image?
2 who design it?

So, we will give you answer of all the question.......!
Every time when we hit in any web browser and google search page is appeared with an attractive google logo and that attractive image is nothing but an Google Doodle.

What is this Google Doodle?
Doodles are the changes made with google logo to celebrate an special event, an special day or birth anniversary of artist, scientist. This is the google's way to tribute.
All started when the  first time when the stick figure drawn behind the second "o" of google in 1998, Burning Man Fastival.

Who Design Google Doodle?
Google Doodle is designed by the team of best illustrator call them doodlers with team of engineers.

Google user can also share idea for google doodle?
Hundreds of user everyday share…

New Social video app "first Wall', India ka apna social video app.

New Social video platform named as "FirstWall" by is now available for the millions of video content lovers. New platform will keep you entertained with millions of video, place for Trending video, news, gossips, viral videos and for many more things.
Social video platform give chance to users to become Digital Celebrity. User can upload videos on this and make them viral. Videos are available in many categories for user, Platform will take care of its users and show the videos to its user based on previous review.
App is now available on google play store and for more information you can visit .

Bitcoin the king of cryptocurrency now a days.

In the ending of 2017 Bitcoin , prices reaching a new limit get 22 % of hike in one month. 1 Bitcoin = 10 lakh Indian rupees (current rate).What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is crypto currency or digital currency  , decentralized and peer to peer transaction are done, there are so many crypto currency available in market, but Bitcoin is most appreciated.Trading in Bitcoin is legal?
Trading in Bitcoin is legal in some countries like Japan. But in India Treding of Bitcoin is  not legalized till now.Points to remember while dealing with crypto currency.1 Subject to market risk.
2 Always be careful while choosing the      wallet or interface for trading.
3 Keep aware your self from phishing and other techniques of threat.
4 Try to understand rules and regulations of government of respected country you belongs to.

Do you know about Indian Hindi social networking site.

Yes , it's true the pure made in India hindi social networking site "MOOSHAK", founded by Anurag gour.
this new social media platform is attractive in many ways , it consist various features most important thing in this social networking site is that its purely in "Hindi" and in this social networking site have no word limits that is give better than other social networking sites.
Best part of this social networking site is its unique support for regional languages , the founder of this pure "hindi" oriented made in india so called "Bharat me nirmit" social site, believes that "mooshak" will be the choice of people who love regional language and feel proud in speaking in mother tongue.