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how to create and delete folder using C#.

We can create, delete of check folder in c# using the Directory class. To create folder set the path(Location) on which you want to create the folder into  the variable, Here i am taking variable named folderPath. 
1. To create folder/directory.
string folderPath="E:\testing\";
  if (!Directory.Exists(folderPath))           {             Directory.CreateDirectory(folderPath);           }
2. To delete folder/directory. This method used when the folder you want to delete is empty.
string folderPath="E:\testing\test";
if (Directory.Exists(folderPath))             {                 Directory.Delete(folderPath);             }
3. To delete folder/directory with all the content.
string folderPath="E:\testing\test";
if (Directory.Exists(folderPath))             {                 Directory.Delete(folderPath,true);             }

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Why to choose SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration tool which mainly used for document sharing, managing, controlling and storing them in its starting days. Sharepoint improving day by day and now its became very handy tools for the organization to work as a team. Organizations use the SharePoint as per their requirements.

In Many ways, Organizations can use the SharePoint like:

1 Document Sharing and storage system.
2 It can be used as a collaboration tool.
3 As an Intranet system.

SharePoint is very flexible and secure system. Its give the flexibility to develop custom solutions to fulfill the requirement.

Reasons to choose SharePoint as an intranet system for your organizations.

Flexibility : 

SharePoint is very flexible and provide the functionality to develop and deploy custom solutions on SharePoint. one can also use the third party add-ins to fulfill their needs.


Sharepoint provides inbuilt security system which persists own permission levels. you can give permission to a particular user on…

Shortcut keys which every windows user must know.

Shortcut keys play important role if we want to use the windows effectively.

Window Key = Open or close start menu.Windows + E   =  Open the file explore.Windows + D   = Show or hide the desktop.F11 = Minimize or Maximize the active window.Windows + S = Open searchWindows + L = Lock the system .Window + R = Open the run dialog box.Windows + Tab = Open the task view.Windows + Space Bar = Switch input and language keyboard.Windows + Plus(+) = Open magnifier(To zoom in or zoom out).   Windows + A = Open Action center.Windows + T =  Move through the apps on taskbar.

Insert operation with Sharepoint List using CSOM.

To insert item into list using csom code. You can create a consol application using visual studio and also use the code mentioned below. You can interact  with sharepoint list using JSOM,CSOM or using rest api.
List operation using csom.

using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;  using System;  using System.Collections.Generic;  using System.Linq;  using System.Security;  using System.Text;  using System.Threading.Tasks;  namespace ConsoleApp1 {
class Program {
static void Main(string[] args)
using (ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext("insert url upto list"))
string Uname = "Your ID";
string password = "Password";  SecureString Securepasseord = GetSecureString(password);  clientContext.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(Uname, Securepasseord); clientContext.ExecuteQuery(); List oList = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("metalist");  ListItemCreationInformation listCreationInformation = new ListItemCreationInformation…

Simplest way to get latest updates from blogs and website.

Simplest way to get latest update from blogs and website is RSS feed.To get all the latest updates from the websites or blogs need to subscribe the RSS feed of blog or website.What is RSS , what are RSS feeds , how we can use them.

RSS is short form of Really simply syndication or rich site summary.
If you want to save the time of visiting site or blog to get updates, you just need to subscribe the RSS feed. Subscribing the RSS feed is very easy and once you subscribe it, you can read updates delivered to you by RSS feeds using the "feed readers".

YouTube Music a new music app.

YouTube Music a new music streaming app now available for all the music lovers. YouTube Music discovered by YouTube. YouTube worlds best video streaming platform now enters into the Music streaming.

Right now YouTube music offering 3 months free trial after that user need to pay 99.00/month to continue premium services.

There is also option for family membership in which you can get 1 month free trial and after that you needs to pay 149.00/month

In Premium services

1 Music keeps playing even the screen locked,
2 ad-free music
3 you can download your favorite tracks.
4 audio mode is also available for premium members.

Enjoy the music...

Download it from play store Youtube Music

For Apple users YouTube Music