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SharePoint URLs to navigate quickly

At some point you want to navigate to other page on SharePoint but you forgot the navigation path, at that time these URLs are very helpful. You can navigate to particular page using these URLs without navigating through site.
Change the tenant name and appropriate site URL and paste the it into address bar.

You can navigate in SharePoint without using site navigation but for this you must have required permission otherwise you will get “Access denied”.

Some useful URLs for SharePoint Users.

1. URL For SharePoint Admin Center (For this SharePoint Admin Access is required):

To access the More feature page under the SharePoint Admin Center, use the URL mentioned below. You can access the User Profile, Search, Term and SharePoint classic features also.


To access the SharePoint admin center


2. App Catalog:


3. Enable SharePoint Designer          


4. Save site as template:
Save site as template page. In modern SharePoint site this feature is by default disable by running PowerShell script or by enabling scripting you can avail this feature. Sometime save site as template feature is not appear on communication site although you have enabled the script. So, in that case you need to redirect at save site as template by URL.

https:// YourSiteUrl/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx

Use URL mentioned below to access workflow page. From this page you can check all the available workflows on site.


Use URL mentioned below to access Add an app page. From this page you can add app from your organization or from office store


To access the Site settings .


To access the Site permission page. use url mentioned below, on site permission page you can check the permission of user, grant the permission


To access the People and Group on site.


To access the recycle bin or second-stage recycle bin (Site collection administrator permission require to view second stage recycle bin), use URL mentioned below. In bottom of recycle bin page, link for second stage recycle bin is available.


To access the manage site collection admin page, use URL mentioned below. From this page you can manage site collection admins. You can add new or check who have site collection admin permission at present.


URLs related to registering app in SharePoint and giving permission to app:

To register an app in SharePoint, use URL  mentioned below.


To grant permission to app in SharePoint, use URL  mentioned below.


To check Site App permission, use URL  mentioned below. You can check all the app which registered on the site.


To logon from another user.



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