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some of the best web browsers!

what is web browser?
web browser is a computer program or we can say a application which used to access web page or information our the network.
In the world of web "browsers" are most important entity. Web pages are displayed only with the help of browser. there are some major properties which need to check while choosing web browser.
PrivacySecurityTracking   Well known browsers are:
Google chrome:
Google chrome is a browsers developed by Google. It's a cross-platform web browser. supported on Windows, MacOs, IOS, Android , Chrome OS,linux. You can download it  from Google Chrome .

Mozilla firefox:
Mozilla firefox is a free and opensource web browser which is developed by Mozilla foundation. mozilla firefox is very lightweight and fast browser. It is also supported on the linux, windows, illumos and solaris operating system.Mozilla firefox.

Safari :
Safari browser is developed by Apple. Safari browser is fast and secure browser which developed for Mac and it also available…

What is Domain Name?

Domain is the address of your site or we can say that it's the location of your website. We can also refer it as your website name. A domain name is address by which the internet users can reach to your website.

Internally systems use IP address to identify entities but IP addresses are the series of number which difficult to remember   and domain makes it easy. As compared to IP address its easier to remember domain , some of the famous Domains are "" , "", "" etc.

Domain can be combination of alphabet and numbers.Every domain is unique, if you have interest in using custom domain for your website or blog. You have to registered it first and after that you are free to use it anywhere.