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Interested in typing "Hindi" or any other languages using your smartphone or system?

If you want to type in many languages ​​and you are searching for a tool, your search ends here. Although there are many tools available to write in other languages, the simplest and best tool is Google input tools(Google Input Tools).

Why we choose Google Input Tools.
You can use this tool into online , offline an and also in on the go mode. Download it into your PC and you can use it offline also.It remember your correction and make custom dictionary for names and uncommon words you type. You can try this tool online. If you interested in checking this tool. Click here(Try)
You can get this tool in your android device. Click on the link On Android Device
For using this tool as extension for chrome browser click on the link and follow the steps mentioned there Google Input tool chrome extension . 
Tool is available for Android Device, Chrome, Google Services and windows.