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The Google Doodle...

Everyday when we open browser is and type and page is open, we see that Google logo is appearing very attractive and showing some message, question arise in our mind
1 what is this image?
2 who design it?

So, we will give you answer of all the question.......!
Every time when we hit in any web browser and google search page is appeared with an attractive google logo and that attractive image is nothing but an Google Doodle.

What is this Google Doodle?
Doodles are the changes made with google logo to celebrate an special event, an special day or birth anniversary of artist, scientist. This is the google's way to tribute.
All started when the  first time when the stick figure drawn behind the second "o" of google in 1998, Burning Man Fastival.

Who Design Google Doodle?
Google Doodle is designed by the team of best illustrator call them doodlers with team of engineers.

Google user can also share idea for google doodle?
Hundreds of user everyday share…

New Social video app "first Wall', India ka apna social video app.

New Social video platform named as "FirstWall" by is now available for the millions of video content lovers. New platform will keep you entertained with millions of video, place for Trending video, news, gossips, viral videos and for many more things.
Social video platform give chance to users to become Digital Celebrity. User can upload videos on this and make them viral. Videos are available in many categories for user, Platform will take care of its users and show the videos to its user based on previous review.
App is now available on google play store and for more information you can visit .