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Bitcoin the king of cryptocurrency now a days.

In the ending of 2017 Bitcoin , prices reaching a new limit get 22 % of hike in one month. 1 Bitcoin = 10 lakh Indian rupees (current rate).

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is crypto currency or digital currency  , decentralized and peer to peer transaction are done, there are so many crypto currency available in market, but Bitcoin is most appreciated.

Trading in Bitcoin is legal?
Trading in Bitcoin is legal in some countries like Japan. But in India Treding of Bitcoin is  not legalized till now.

Points to remember while dealing with crypto currency.

1 Subject to market risk.
2 Always be careful while choosing the      wallet or interface for trading.
3 Keep aware your self from phishing and other techniques of threat.
4 Try to understand rules and regulations of government of respected country you belongs to.


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SharePoint Designer workflow error : server side activities have been updated. you need to restart sharepoint designer to use the updated version of activities.

When we work with SharePoint designer and create custom forms and workflows and when you click on the Workflow and try to edit workflow or create new you get error like this :

"server side activities have been updated. you need to restart sharepoint designer to use the updated version of activities."

to resolve this error follow steps provided below.

Steps to resolve this problem:

To resolve this issue you need to update the SharePoint designer and to do so you have to follow this
two steps :

1. Check whether the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 service pack 1 is installed or not in your system.If not Please download it and install from URL mentioned below : 
For 64 bit system download service pack from here
For 32 bit system download service pack from here 2. download the update provided by Microsoft for SP designer 13. Download it from this link

The Google Doodle...

Everyday when we open browser is and type and page is open, we see that Google logo is appearing very attractive and showing some message, question arise in our mind
1 what is this image?
2 who design it?

So, we will give you answer of all the question.......!
Every time when we hit in any web browser and google search page is appeared with an attractive google logo and that attractive image is nothing but an Google Doodle.

What is this Google Doodle?
Doodles are the changes made with google logo to celebrate an special event, an special day or birth anniversary of artist, scientist. This is the google's way to tribute.
All started when the  first time when the stick figure drawn behind the second "o" of google in 1998, Burning Man Fastival.

Who Design Google Doodle?
Google Doodle is designed by the team of best illustrator call them doodlers with team of engineers.

Google user can also share idea for google doodle?
Hundreds of user everyday share…

Tez become Google Pay.

Tez become Google Pay, Google pay have all the functionalities which was exists in tez.
Google pay come with new exciting and user friendly features, which definitely impress the users, rewards and offers remains same like Tez.

Google pay offering some new exciting features, using it you can send money even if your contact is not on google pay.  Pay money using the Google pay now you can send money to those contact, who are not on Google play.Recharge your mobile using Google Pay.Pay near by, this is very impressive now you can send money to another google pay user without sharing private details like Bank account and contact number, same as handling cash.    Google Pay is available on the Google Play and App store. for more information you can visit ""